Petit Menhir

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LilouTeach followed the small stones scattered along the path to meet the little menhirs and form a rock solid partnership ♥︎

  • I recently received the set of 36 little menhirs by Petit Menhir, and beyond creativity and imagination, I absolutely wanted to create a skill workshop, mixing geometry and spatial representation. My students had difficulty representing the different views of a construction ; front view, back view, top view… Also, reproducing a flat or stacked figure was sometimes a bit complicated.
  • To do this, I created 4 activities :
  • Following your many downloads and feedback, I decided to duplicate this concept with the set of 21 little menhirs.
  • Even if I receive a lot of many messages on Instagram, I know that reading little comments here makes me very happy too. So you can give me your different opinions on the figures for example, if you were challenged by your children, or a simple anecdote to share !
  • To do this, I created 4 other activities with the 21 menhirs (bright colors), but this time, on the theme of the world tour. As you know, this theme is very close to my heart ♥︎ !

I hope this article will be useful to you !

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